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Unlock Passive Income with IT-Outstaffing.com's Referral Program!

It-outstaffing.com is a service for expanding IT teams and providing the best IT developers and engineers as individual contractors for remote projects of international clients. It has expanded its network of business development partners and sales agents into its own affiliate program for cooperation with local IT communities and sales managers, delivery managers, bloggers, and opinion leaders.

About programs

The referral program allows participants to transfer IT leads and potential clients to it-outstaffing.com for a referral fee, the amount of which is determined by the agent who binds the lead. Payment is made for a lifetime for all clients transferred by the program partner, providing a great opportunity to passively earn on one's professional connections and interaction with their community.

IT-outstaffing.com is the perfect choice for companies looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to their IT staffing needs. Our service provides access to a wide range of highly qualified IT developers from Europe, offering a variety of skills and experience. We offer access to back-end, front-end, and full stack developers, as well as manual and automation QA specialists, available at a range of levels from middle to senior. With us, you can find the best IT talent to fit your budget and project requirements. Our developers work directly with you, taking responsibility for the successful delivery of your project. We ensure that all our developers are experienced and reliable, providing you with the assurance that your project is in safe hands. At IT-outstaffing.com, we understand the importance of finding the right IT talent for your project. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and cost-effective service that helps you find the perfect fit for your needs. Our experienced team is always on hand to provide advice and assistance, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

“iT-Outstaffing™ OU is a worldwide IT outstaffing service created to help the clients scale up the teams fast and get the reliable remote developers within a day.”
Over many years of cooperation and development of relations with agents in various European and global locations, we have managed to create comfortable and effective interaction processes with partners who represent the interests of it-outstaffing.com and convey the IT needs and leads of their customers and members of their community. it-outstaffing.com, as a service with a wide network of verified IT contractors around the world, performs all processing and support tasks for clients, with subsequent payment of a referral commission for the transferring party.
“Unlock the power of remote IT contractors with iT-Outstaffing.com - over 30,000 verified professionals, 2800+ developers signed contract up, and more than 100 tech stacks covered. Get the job done right with iT-Outstaffing.com."

Who can be participants in the program, and in what cases will this partnership be successful?

  • If you have a Leads / client searching for remote developers
  • If you have an irrelevant request / request inconsistent with your core expertise
  • If you got a request from a client but no resources available at the moment
  • If you are a partner company with urgent necessity to reinforce the current IT team
  • If you engage developers while building a team
  • If you sales and marketing agency
  • If you opinion leader and IT blogger
  • If you consulting and integrations vendor

There are two usual models of interaction with partners: white label and reference.

In white label, we work as a back office for the partner's agent and their clients, acting as a full-fledged delivery provider that processes all levels of staffing and integration.In this program, all communication with the client is up to you, you accept the payment, and we do everything related to the search and selection of candidates.

In the reference model, the partner recommends us to their clients and the community, and we pay a referral commission from each successful contract and invoice, during the entire period of cooperation with the agent's clients. All processes and tasks are on the side of it-outstaffing.com.

It-outstaffing.com cooperates both with individual members of the affiliate program, and with companies and advertising agencies that transfer their leads that are not relevant to them. Detail information for agents  

“For advertising agencies, 95% of the advertising budget does not pay off; however, working with referral programs for the transfer of IT leads can return up to 20% of their investment.”
Stories of our agents have been previously published on our blog. The interaction process is simple and transparent for all parties, and each of the agents has access to their personal account of the system, with complete information on their submitted requests and leads, their status, the pipeline of the candidate and their current status on projects, and financial information on their commissions.

What do you need to join our network of partners?

We actively cooperate with partner agents from the UK, Denmark, Norway, Israel, the USA, and Canada. The market for IT professionals is growing steadily, and the need for good individual IT contractors is not decreasing. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to connect to our program and receive high passive income by utilizing non-core IT requests and helping your friends and community find the best IT developers on market conditions with various locations. Our experts are ready to make a presentation at a convenient time for you on how it works and how you can use this opportunity in your location. Just choose a time that is convenient for you using the link below, and our team will contact you shortly.