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Referral Partnership Program

For this purpose, we’re holding a referral program. Help your colleagues in search of programmers to hire independent IT contractors, and get bonuses along the way. 

Who is eligible to take part? 
If you:
  • actively interacting with and gaining an audience in IT; 
  • Work in Sales; 
  • are a business manager or a business developer; 
  • CEO or Founder of IT projects & companies; 
  • Have a solid and extensive network of people interested in employing IT independent contractors and freelance tech contractors for projects;

You are an excellent fit for us!

How does this work?
And, most importantly, what do we offer? 

We offer two formats of cooperation:
1. White label. This format is imperceptible and invisible to anyone except our side. You recommend a client and receive a bonus from the invoice.
2. Client format. You sell the service to your client, working as an intermediary between the client and us. You add your bonus commission to the invoice.

You get a bonus for each invoice from your recommendation. We offer a long-term cooperation strategy that is beneficial to both parties because it does not carry reputational risks.

Stories of those who work with us

Smith, UK
Works with us for more than 5 years.

Smith is a top-level sales and business development manager who has long-term experience working in international IT companies. He also owns a small agency that provides remote IT staffing services.

He has an in-depth understanding of how outstaffing works. While his company doesn’t cooperate with medium-sized businesses, he has a good relationship with clients and is willing to help them with the search for programmers and IT independent contractors.
Because Smith works through his agency we perceive him more as a client than an agent. Yet, we still help him a lot with staffing and processing. Many of his clients are specifically looking to hire IT contractors who are English fluent and in the same Time Zone. Our delivery team prepares candidates, information, and interviews according to his standards in terms of remote IT staffing.

Michael, USA

Michael is a strong communicator and an enthusiastic representative of the crypto industry, who has several startups and actively participates in conferences and meetings.
He was initially our client and recommended us to his friends and colleagues. After the launch of our program, Michael became our agent and began to monetize such recommendations.  Many of his clients nowadays are looking specifically for IT contractors who are English fluent, and in the same Time Zone.

Douglas, Benelux

Owner of a marketing agency, lead generation service, and sales consulting agency.
When working with clients and students, he faces the need of an IT contractor or freelance tech contractor, who is a proven and well-qualified ​​programmer. This issue often has a negative influence on business development. We met during the solving of such a case and started working together. Now he hires IT independent contractors and provides remote IT staffing services both for himself and for his friend’s projects. 

Brian, USA

Brian is a startup mentor and private investor.
Over 100 startups go through Brian each year, some of which he mentors and invests in. Some he advises on their growth. In order to scale quickly and efficiently, a startup usually needs independent IT contractors or freelance tech contractors. The recruitment process needs to be done as fast and as possible. At the same time, such an IT development team should maintain flexibility in workload and budget, as startups always look for new rounds and many things can go wrong.
The most frequent requirements from his clients are freelance tech contractors, programmers for projects, IT independent contractors, and IT contractors who are English fluent and in the same Time Zone.
 We usually provide IT contractors and freelance tech contractors for such clients within 48 hours.

Henry, USA

Works in PM at a medium-sized IT company specializing in developing and implementing CPM systems for projects. In the course of his career and after attending many conferences, he has accumulated a large circle of acquaintances. Henry helps his clients with non-core requests but with other technical needs – such as IT independent contractors, freelance tech contractors, and programmers. Now he provides remote IT staffing for projects through our company as an agent.

Today no business, start-up, or even a small firm can do without IT contractors. That is why everyone is looking for skilled and professional programmers. Due to high demand, recruitment costs are increasing. But we know how to shorten the hiring process to a couple of days! If you have many connections and acquaintances in the business sphere, feel free to fill out an application. Get a referral commission from our agency and help your friends by finding IT independent contractors and programmers for projects quickly and efficiently.

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