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30.000+ active remote iT engineers in the talent pool community
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720+ placements for clients projects per year
Front-end developers
Front-end software development IT outstaffing remote contractors engagement.
Back-end developers
We develop the main conception of a company according to the company's targets and develop strategies of competitive advantage.
DevOps / SecOps support and development
AWS, Google, Azure, Linux, Docker, Lambda etc.
Full Stack development
We help startups to create their visual identity, according to our marketing research.
QA Automations or manual
Manual software testing and automations unit testing web, back and mobile software development
Mobile Developers
Android, iOS, cross platform software development
Simple way to hire IT contractors
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Send tech requirements, level candidates, rate expectations, durations, preferred locations
Get 2 appropriate candidates in 48 hours
2 best available candidates CV and hourly rate for your IT request
Technical interview
Schedule direct Interview with the Candidate You personally interview all the available candidates and decide whom you'd like to hire.
Start in project
Choice best candidate for your project and start immediately or comfortable time for you. Manage the developer directly - tasks and delivery. Delivery responsibility client side.
iT Outstaffing benefits:
Fast hiring - Quick start - Quality coding - Good performance - Trust consulting
  • Safe time
    Receive first IT contractors within 2-3 days, fast start candidate in projects.
  • Focus on the goal
    We support all stage - hiring, selection, legal, payroll & accounting, payment processed, monthly hourly reporting. No additional fee.
  • Safe cost
    No hidden commission, no recruitment fee, pay only for actual worked hours.
  • Flexibility

    Stop the work of the developer or engage a new one at any time without fee
Java Full-Stack Developer
YONG J. - Senior Java Full-Stack Developer (WUp8MHw1MDg0Mzg2)
10+ years of experience as a Full-Stack developer with required skills Java, AWS, Python, etc.
Location - Ohio, USA
Big Data Scala Developer
PRANITH N. – Principal Software Engineer (TkF8MHw1MTEyODcx)
10 years of professional IT experience in which
8+years of experience with emphasis on
8+ years of IT experience with Data Engineer/Analyst and coding with analytical programming using SQL, Python, Snowflake, Airflow and AWS
Location – Overland Kansas, Missouri

Software Engineer
TARUN B. – Principal Software Engineer (TkF8MHw1MTEyODcy)
10+ years of professional IT work experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, and Maintenance of critical software and big data applications
6 years of hands-on experience across Hadoop
Location – Herndon, VA
Team member
Technical Project Manager
SOHAN K. Senior Project Manager /Scrum Master (U0t8MHw1MTEzMTQw)
Senior Project Manager with 11+ years of experience in Agile Software Development
English - Advanced
Location – Atlanta, GE
Visa status-H1B
Senior Microservices
SYED A. – Senior Software Developer (U0F8MHw1MDk3Njg4)
5+ years of experience in Software Development
Location - St Louis, MO, US

Senior Software / Platform Engineer
JEFF D. – Senior Software Developer (SkR8MHw1MDk1NjEw)
30+ years of experience in Software Development
Location - Newark, DE, US
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