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Is your company ready to face the challenges of 2023?

6 best recommendations on how to be better than competitors, reduce budgets and increase the efficiency of your IT products and solutions!

2023 years of challenges for Companies and startups, 6 best recommendations on how to be better than competitors, reduce budgets and increase the efficiency of your IT products and solutions!

Most companies in Europe and America are now facing difficult challenges that need to be addressed, while the stock market and the borrowing market are not in the best condition now and management is optimizing budgets and massively reducing IT teams.

According to https://layoffs.fyi/, only since the beginning of 2023 - tech companies have laid off more than 120,000 workers and this is not yet the results of the 1st quarter of 2023 and all companies in the world are in anticipation of a recession.

But there are operational tasks of IT teams and departments for companies of different levels and sizes, it is necessary to maintain the stability of current software solutions and products, it is necessary to introduce critical features and functional improvements, and everyone knows that all crises are not only risks but also great opportunities, to bypass their competitors, occupy their niches or create new niches and solutions for their current users. There are many stories, formations and dynamic development of companies during the crisis. But how can all this be done under current conditions?

Of course, if you do things in a way that is not familiar to everyone on the market and become flexible and adaptive in your processes and in your decisions. Covid times have shown the main principle - change or your business will die.

Everyone has switched to remote work, even those adherents of the “offline church” who have been saying for 10 years that this is impossible and it is not effective.

Save over $100,000 a year in IT development and IT support with our recommendations.

Now it is necessary to be as efficient and flexible as possible:

- attract specialists for temporary projects with flexible contracts, as the outstaffing market practices, when you can hire a technical architect for $ 75 per hour and for the period and with the amount of work that is needed on the project. Classic Habitual Hire US 200K/yr + Benefits = Alternate 75,000/yr

QA team from Ukraine, Poland or Romania will be 30% cheaper than from any other global location

Testing is completely transferred to contractor companies at cheaper locations, but with a high level of professional experience - QA team from Ukraine, Poland or Romania will be 30% cheaper than from any other global location, and the experience and quality will be much better!

  • "SERGEY A – Senior Automation QA Engineer (TkF8MHwzOTM2ODQ0)

11+ years of experience in Automation QA

Location - Kyiv, Ukraine

  • ADRIAN L. - Senior/Expert Automation QA (ID QUx8MHw1MTM0MTU0)

8+ year experience in Automation testing

Location - Kraków, Poland

  • BARTOSZ M. - Senior/Expert Automation QA (ID Qk18MHw1MTM0Mjg0)

10+ year experience in testing

Location - Warsaw, Poland

  • ANDREI B - Senior Automation QA Engineer (ID QUJ8MHw1MTMzOTk0)

Experience with Java since 2013 (9+ years)

Location - Iași, Romania

  • FLORINA M. - Senior Automation QA Engineer (ID Rk18MHw1MTMzOTc2)

Over 6+ years of experience in Quality Assurance and Automation testing

Location - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • HORIA A. - Senior Automation QA Engineer (ID TkF8MHw1MTMzOTY3)

6+ years of experience in Quality Assurance

Location - Bucharest, Romania"

DevOps, Servers, administration, monitoring, and cybersecurity

DevOps, Servers, administration, monitoring, and cybersecurity are the most important areas for the stable development and operation of any modern product, but is it worth keeping an internal team with high salaries and overhead costs? Wouldn't it be better to involve specialists for support and development who have experience working with high-load solutions of the international level and with 24-hour support, who do this for a long time and guarantee the quality?

  • “BOHDAN V – DevOps Engineer (TkF8MHw1MDY5Mjc0)

Qualified engineer with 5+ years in DevOps methodology.

Worked with comprises AWS Cloud, Blockchain network, Docker, Terraform/Terragrunt, GitLab CI/GitHub Actions/Jenkins and Kubernetes

Location - Lviv, Ukraine

  • YURII B. – Senior DevOps Engineer (TkF8MHw1MDY3NDU3)

Highly-skilled DevOps Engineer with 5+ years of hands-on experience supporting, automating, and optimizing deployments in cloud and on-premise

Location - Chișinău, Moldova

  • ANDREI S. – Senior DevOps Engineer (TkF8MHw1MTE2NDM4)

DevOps engineer / System administrator with 5 years of experience in information technologies

Location - Warsaw, Poland

DevOps engineer

Experienced DevOps engineer with experience as a backend developer, with a proven track record of delivering successful projects using AWS and GCP clouds, as well as on-premise environments. Skilled in developing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, implementing infrastructure as code, and automating deployment processes. Strong collaborator with a team-oriented mindset and a focus on continuous improvement.

  • MOHAMMED SH. A. - Senior Infrastructure Engineer (TkF8MHw1MTMzODIx)

8 years of extensive experience in Infrastructure Engineer Build and Release Management, (CI/CD) Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Automation, Cloud Management.

Installed and managed Middleware tools through Puppet such as WebSphere Application Server 7.x/8.x, JBOSS GA7/EAP6, IBM IHS, Apache & Tomcat. Used Cloud Front to deliver content from edge locations to users allowing for further reduction of load on front-end serve.

Location -Fremont, United States of America

  • ROMAN M - Infrastructure (Kafka) Engineer (Uk18MHw1MTM0MDQ5)

Experienced software developer with strong knowledge in Apache Kafka, Kubernetes and Scala

Delivered many as a whole from start to release

Fully certificated Confluent Developer and Administrator for Apache Kafka (CCAAK/CCDAK)

Certified Kubernetes Applications Developer (CKAD, KCNA)

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate

Certified Scrum Master and Team Leader with proven delivery track record

Location -Poznań, Poland

These and other experts are ready to connect to your projects within a few days, after a technical interview through the service https://it-outstaffing.com/available-developers

Project management, scrum masters, delivery managers

Project management, scrum masters, delivery managers - very often externally involved are more effective, as they look at processes and approaches based on their experience in different projects and with progressive methodologies, and are not blinded by many years of monotonous work. Sometimes decisions and changes in the process of developing and managing a project give a multiple effect and give your project the opportunity to grow in a completely different way.

  • “DENIS M. – Delivery director/ Head of Delivery Vertical (RE18MHw1MTM0MjUz)

16+ years in IT, 10+ Software Delivery Management

Location - Wexford, Ireland

  • JOHN G. – Delivery director (Skd8MHw1MTM0NDMz)

Has been an IT Project and Program Manager for the past 22 years, successfully delivering projects globally and across different industries, including Financial Services, UK Government, Broadcasting, Telecoms, Oil and Utilities.

Has 10 years’ experience in the Financial Sector and has delivered Maven (Insurance), Debit Card (VISA), Credit Card (Prime), Loans, MoneyGram, Western Union, Finacle Core Banking, Fraud, Anti- Money Laundering, Security and Cyber Security.

Location - Shipston-on-Stour, United Kingdom”

AI/ML Data Architect

Attracting such high-level specialists as AI / ML Data Architect on a temporary basis through an outstaffing service is the surest way, so you have a unique opportunity to get super cool expertise from an expert, solve your problem, build an architecture and all this in an optimal budget by specialists who most likely will not accept your offer for a full time load recruitment to the team or you do not have a full load for him. You have to settle for an alternative less experienced candidate for the team, or grossly overpay and go over budget.

  • “MYKHAILO – AI/ML Architect | Senior Software Developer | Data Engineer (TS58MHw1MTM0MzQ4)

Developer and Data Engineer with 10+ years of professional experience in the Information Technology Industry including cutting edge Semiconductor Engineering.

Location - Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • OLEG I. – Technical Delivery Manager/Senior Data Engineer/ Data Scientist (T0l8MHw1MDI3MzA5)

17+ years of experience in software development, pre-sales and team management

Location - Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

  • NURZHAN – Software Data Engineer (TnwwfDUxMzQyMjE)

9+ years of experience in software development

Location - New York, United States of America”

CRM, ERP, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerBI, GDS specialists

Any integration with third-party solutions and products is best done with specialists who are specialized in this and have extensive commercial experience, have certifications rather than create a competence center for non-core technologies and invest a lot of time and budgets on non-core projects. For any third-party integrations, such as CRM, ERP, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerBI, GDS, etc., hire certified developers and experts for a contract, which will save tens of thousands of dollars in budget.

  • “EMA S – Certified MS Dynamics CRM Consultant (U0h8MHw1MTMzMTA3)

A professional with a total 8 years of IT experience in Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015, D365.

Involved in all the phases of end to end project life cycle with key requirements gathering, analysis, solution designing, design discussions, configuration and customization and Deployment.

Certified in MB2- 716 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration

Location –Charlotte, United States of America

  • PAVLO K - Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) / Power Platform Specialist / Developer (ID UEt8MHw1MTMzOTcz)

More than 11 years of work experience with various versions of Microsoft Power Platform / Dynamics 365 CE / CRM based on Online and On-Premise platforms: 365 v9.x / v8.x / 2016 / 2015 / 2013 / 2011 / v4.0.

Location - Sofia, Bulgaria

These and other experts are ready to connect to your projects within a few days, after a technical interview through the service https://it-outstaffing.com/available-developers

Recruitment and staffing alternatives

Recruitment and staffing - often most companies use an internal service or external agencies. Agencies are expensive and take a large commission up front, regardless of the result and long-term cooperation. The internal team as a rule is limited by its location, base of potential candidates and a narrow set of tools. An alternative model is remoting outstaffing services, such as https://it-outstaffing.com/, which have a huge professional talent pool, unique recruitment tools of their own and the ability to work in 12 global locations and unite thousands of IT community and consultant contractors. When you pay developers through https://it-outstaffing.com/ and do not pay any additional commissions and get maximum flexibility with the workload of specialists by their term of involvement on the project, but at the same time working completely directly with the team. At the same time, all functions, search and staffing, registration and payment are on the side of the outstaffing service.

All changes and flexibilities need to be implemented gradually and with the right advisory partners to help make this journey smoother and more efficient.

We can help you make these transformations, having more than 8 years of experience working with large international companies and start-ups, collaborating with more than 20,000 of the best specialists throughout Europe, we are confident that we can be useful and valuable for you and for your transformation, so that you achieved better results and were more successful among your competitors.

Leave and develop on your side only the most basic functions and direction - product development, sales and marketing, optimize the rest according to the challenges of the current market.